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  • Why Consider Bad Credit Mobile Phones?


    If you have a poor credit rating, chances are high that you’ll have a hard time getting approved for a personal loan. In most cases, you’ll have to find an alternative to traditional loans. Bad credit loans such as payday loans and logbook loans, in this case, offer an easy way out. The same thing is true when you’re applying for a phone contract deal. If you have bad credit, you’ll likely end up with several rejections for your phone contract.


    Does that mean you should forget about getting a contract phone at all? Of course not. A recent article on bad credit has emphasized that you can still get a phone contract even with bad credit. All you need to do is apply for a bad credit phone. But what are bad credit phones? This guide should help you answer that question.
    What are bad credit phones?
    Bad credit phones are phone deals offered for people with issues on their credit score. It works just like a traditional pay-monthly contract deal where you can choose your handset and a bucket of calls, text and data allowance. You’ll be tied to a 24-month contract just like most phone contract deals. This means that you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to cover for your handset’s cost and your phone services.

    Bad credit phones do not have a lot of differences from a typical phone contract. But one major difference is the disadvantage of higher costs. Because of your less than perfect credit rating, you’ll have to shoulder the consequence of a higher monthly fee than usual.

    Who can apply for these phone deals?
    Anyone with bad credit ratings can apply for bad credit mobile phones. Make sure you’re of legal age and you live in the UK to be eligible. The requirements are so minimal, bad credit phones are among the easiest phone deals to get approved for. You don’t have to worry about rejections or credit checks. You just need to complete the online application from a trusted and reliable provider and you’re ready to avail a handset and bundle plan combo even with bad credit.

    For a speedier application approval, make sure you have your requirements ready including proof of identification, billing address and proof of income. If you can prove that you can afford the monthly payments, your lender will quickly approve your mobile phone application.
    Why should you apply for bad credit phones?
    Though more expensive than traditional phone contracts offered for people with good credit, bad credit phones have a few advantages to convince you to apply.

    Bad credit phones, for one, are super easy to avail. You don’t need to go through a tedious and complicated process to get approved. If you meet the requirements, you can get approved for a bad credit phone in a matter of hours. After which, your handset will be delivered to your address and you can have it activated right away. Another advantage is the no credit check policy. Since this type of deal is specific for the bad credit market, providers will no longer take into consideration your credit score. That means one step less to the approval process and fewer worries on your end.

    But the biggest advantage you can really benefit from when you apply for a bad credit phone is the chance to boost your credit score. For as long as you pay your monthly dues on time, you can expect for credit agencies to see you as a responsible consumer. Keep at this habit for the rest of your contract term and you’ll be seeing great improvements on your credit score in the end.

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