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  • Should You Get the iPhone 7?


    The latest iPhone 7 has been recently launched and released. Reactions are pretty mixed. There are many who are angry at the no audio jack feature. This means that you can’t listen to music while charging your phone and vice versa. There are also many who have already pre-ordered the iPhone. These people are excited about the new features including the well improved and enhanced camera features as well as the thinner and sleeker design. It’s also waterproof and available in more colors than previous models.


    Like older iPhones, the iPhone 7 naturally comes with a steep price tag. Most people who’ll be getting an iPhone 7 won’t be paying for it in cash but will likely get a phone contract to get their hands on this marvel of a smartphone. Even with a phone contract, however, you may still need to pay an upfront fee. On top of that, you’ll be tied up to a 24 to a 36-month contract where you pay more money because you wanted the iPhone 7.

    Like most people, you are likely tempted to avail an iPhone 7. With all its features and beautiful design, it’s really hard to resist. But then again, want is different from need. You want the iPhone but do you really need it? That’s the one question to ask yourself if you’re thinking of saddling yourself to a lengthy phone contract.

    If you’re a budget-conscious mobile phone user who can only afford budget phones at the moment then the answer is pretty clear. While iPhones may be a winner when it comes to features, performance and design, you don’t have to spend a ton of money for a smartphone. If you have bad credit then you especially have to back off from such phone deals. If you have good credit and the monthly fee for an iPhone 7 is pretty expensive for your budget then you should forego the application for now. If you don’t want to risk your budget and your credit score, you’d better stick with mobile phones on a budget in the meantime.

    Until you can comfortably afford to pay the monthly fee for an iPhone 7 then that’s the only time to get one.

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