How to Save on Your Mobile Phone Deal

Did you know that the majority of phone contract subscribers are overspending on their phone bill? If you’re planning to sign up for a phone plan, you’re likely to add to the growing statistics of over spenders if you are not careful. One of the pitfalls of phone contracts is getting tied up to a deal that doesn’t meet your needs. In order to save on your phone bill from the get-go, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Assess whether you really need a contract plan or not

To save yourself from spending a lot of money on a contract phone plan you don’t really need, you must first assess your personal needs. Just because everyone’s hook to a phone contract doesn’t mean you should be hooked too. In most cases, phone contracts are ideal if you want a new phone but can’t afford the upfront price. It’s also a reasonable option if you’re a heavy mobile phone user and you need a generous bundle plan to meet your day-to-day communication and data needs.

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2. Research, research, research

If you’re sure that a contract plan is what you need, the next step is to research. And by research, we mean research, research, and research. When planning to hook yourself to a 24-month contract where you have to pay a fixed monthly cost, you better take your time to know everything you need to know. Research your options including handsets available and bundle plans. You’d also want to research your provider and at the same time seek for recommendations. Reading user reviews will also help you make the right decision in the end.

3. Choose your handset and bundle plan

Now that you know everything you need to know and what you should look for, it’s time to choose your handset and bundle plan. If you have good credit, handset choices are varied and plenty. From high-end mobile phones like the latest iPhone 7 or the latest Samsung Galaxy to budget phones like the Motorola Moto G4, you’ll have a lot to look into. Handset choice, at the end of the day, is all about your preference and what you can afford.

The majority of mobile users are so focused on their handset choice they forget that bundle plans play a huge role in helping you save money on your phone bill. If you really want to save money, you need to make sure your bundle is not less or more than what you need in terms of calls, text, and data. Assess your needs carefully in order to find the right bundle plan.

4. Check out comparison sites

With so many providers and contract phone plans available in the market, shopping for the right deal can be exhausting. This is where reliable comparison sites come into play. You don’t need to go through thousands of deals in order to find the best one. Let comparison sites do the work and simply pick the right provider that offers a reasonable deal to meet your needs.


5. Never hesitate to ask questions or call customer service

Before you sign and close the deal, make sure to ask more questions. If something’s not clear, ask questions. You can even call customer service and have them explain all the deals with respect to their contract phone offers. Make sure you also ask about hidden fees. The phone deal may be advertised as the cheapest and the best in the market but providers can always mess your bill with hidden fees. You might as well know more about such fees before you’re irrevocably hooked to a phone contract plan.